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7 Easy Ways to Keep yourself Warm During Winters

Sick and tired of winters?

So am I!

I guess everybody is tired of sitting at home because winters are disallowing them to leave the warmth of their roofs. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep yourself warm enough to go out. Even if you are forced to get out of the house, you don’t have to sit in a chair with a sad face just because it is too cold outside. There are ways in which you can keep yourself warm outside.

Here are the top 7 things that you can do:

  1. Cover your head with a hat or a scarf: Got a few scarves at home? Have your very own collection of hats? Then why are all those things in your wardrobe? It is time for you to pull them out of your cupboard and use them to cover your head. When your head is covered, you feel less cold.
  2. Take a nice warm water bath: It is time for you to giggle in the shower; make sure you don’t get into hot water or you will end up feeling colder. When the tap or shower is on, check the temperature of the water; if it is warm, slip into it and let the warmth feel every pore of your skin.
  3. Rub your hands to feel the energies dancing on your palms: Have you ever tried rubbing your palms against each other? If you haven’t, try doing it for around one complete minute (60 seconds) and you will feel these energies dancing on your palms. When these energies are right on your palms, you feel warm and cozy.
  4. Hold the hands of your partner: If you have a partner, why do you need anything else to get the warmth? It is rightly said that you turn warm when your lover is around; hold his or her hands and feel the warmth of love surrounding the two of you. I am sure this would work like magic!
  5. Don’t shiver; the more you shiver, the colder you will feel: It is observed that when a person shivers, he feels colder. Don’t shiver; try to hold yourself still. When you calm yourself, you don’t feel cold, no matter how cold it is. Keep breathing through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.
  6. Drink something warm and soothing: What do you like when it comes to beverages? Coffee? Masala tea? Whatever you prefer, keep drinking a cup of it after every two hours. Beverages have the power to keep you warm and calm.
  7. Sip green tea: Green tea makes you feel warm. I am sure you must have noticed the sweat on your forehead after drinking a large cup of green tea. Keep sipping green tea whenever you feel terribly cold.

Now that you know how to keep yourself warm outside your house, don’t just sit there and turn into a couch potato. It is essential for you to stretch your legs and leave the comfort zone of your house.

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Staying Warm at Your Desk

It’s winter! The snow is falling. There’s beautiful fairy lights twinkling around your Christmas tree. You’re at your desk and it’s going to be a long day. Maybe you’re working from home or maybe you’re playing the newest character on World of Warcraft. Whatever the purpose is, this blog will share some useful tips for staying warm… right at your own desk.

Fun Accessories

Wear three layers of clothing. Your hands need to stay warm while typing, so invest in some mittens as well. There are some great options out there, including USB-powered mittens that actually warm your hands as you type. There are also USB-powered blankets as well. Don’t forget about wearing socks. You can also attach a massager to your desk chair to help you relax while you’re getting work done AND heat up. What if you are extra techy? In this case, you can even purchase a heated mouse! These are all great options that will help you stay warm at your desk in no time.

A fun tip: even if it may be hot outside, if your workplace has air conditioning, try to grab a light cardigan just in case you get cold in the building.

Exercise at Your Desk

Some good exercises to do are jogging in place, doing a seated crunch and even using a fitness ball for your desk chair. Exercising heats up your body and will help you stay nice and warm. You will start feeling warmer and more comfy in no time. An added bonus? You’ll get some of your workout in AND get work done. It is a dream come true. Why not also get up from your desk and go for a brisk walk to get some fresh air? You can also climb some stairs to start exercising and warm up easily.

Drink and Eat Up!

Have some warm soup or indulge in that craving you’ve been having for the last week. This is the perfect time for you to grab a warm meal to enjoy at your desk. Having some hot tea or coffee will help you easily stay warm and be productive.

Invest in a Space Heater

A space heater can come priced as low as $25. You can keep one under your desk to stay extra warm.

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How to Stay Warm on a Budget

It’s cold. You feel the familiar shivers on your back and that uncomfortable clammy feeling comes back. What do you do? The usual answer may be to turn on the heat. However, what if you’re on a budget and trying to save money for that new Xbox? This article will help you solve this dilemma by telling you some useful tips you can stay warm… on a budget!

Open the Windows

Open the windows in the morning to let the sun in and heat your room. How does this work? As light fills the room, its rays will bounce off the walls and furniture before turning into heat.

Use Thick Curtains at Night

At night, though, opening the windows is the last thing you want to do. Invest in some thick curtains for your windows to block out the cold and prevent any precious warm air from escaping. You should be able to find some thick curtains at your local thrift store for a great bargain price as well!

Get Some Rugs

The thrift store can be a treasure trove of items that will help heat up your house at a low cost. Head to the thrift store or a local homeware store to purchase some rugs. If you have wooden floors, having those rugs can make all the difference and keep your feet nice and warm. Also, that extra layer will help insulate heat in your room creating another layer of insulation to keep the cold away.

Insulate Your Water Tank

According to energy.gov, you can reduce standby heat losses by a whopping 25% or 45% and save about 4% to 9% in water heating costs. This will pay for itself in the long-term!


If you like to bake or have an oven, you’re in luck! Baking is an affordable way for you to stay warm AND enjoy some delicious snacks. Baking will help fill your room with warm air. After you are finished baking, leave your oven door open to release some heat. However, take note of any children or pets around as well for safety reasons.

Source: http://energy.gov/energysaver/projects/savings-project-insulate-your-water-heater-tank

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Foods that Keep Your Body Warm

When most people think of Christmas, they think of Christmas, presents and fun time with the family. However, people also think about the cold and chilly weather. While it is nice to see snow and ice decorating your house, it can also be too easy to fall sick due to the chillier weather. Whatever climate, time or season it is, this post will tell you about some great foods that will help you stay warm.


Oatmeal contains a powerful starch called beta-glucan which studies show that 3 grams a day in your oats can reduce cholesterol levels by 5 to 10%. This benefit to your cholesterol level can be taken no matter where your cholesterol level is currently at. Oatmeal is the perfect mixture of fiber and plant-based protein to help you satisfy your hunger and stay warm and full. Top your oatmeal with almond butter and chia seeds for extra comfort.


Avocados have the perfect amount of fat to help you stay warm and healthy in cold climate. The perfect snack, avocados help satisfy your appetite with just the right amount of calories. The fat in avocados are healthy and will help your body naturally insulate against the cold. Go to your grocery store today to pick up some fresh avocados.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are one of the perfect superfoods that will help you combat cold symptoms. Even if you are already dealing with an onset of the common flu, you can benefit by drinking some Brussel sprout soup or roasting some Brussel sprouts with olive oil. Brussel sprouts have a huge amount of vitamin C, about 74.8 milligrams a cup! Have some Brussel sprouts today to stay warm. This brightly colored vegetable has also been shown to reduce the length of cold symptoms.


Who doesn’t love a hearty bowl of chili? A hearty bowl of chili will speed up your metabolism. The peppers in chili stew have a capsaicin which will help you keep off fat and boost up your metabolism. The beans in your chili stew also have lots of protein to give you strong muscles and keep the chill away.

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Staying Warm Outdoors

This article shares useful tips on how you can stay warm in the cold outdoors. Whether you are going outside for a walk, hanging out with your friends or doing outdoor activities, it’s important to know how to keep yourself warm and toasty. After all, nothing ruins a fun day like being cold and uncomfortable in the chilly weather.


The rule of thumb when it comes to spending a day outside is to wear three layers of clothing. There should be an inner layer, a middle insulating layer, and finally, your top layer. Also make sure to invest in a hat and some handwarmers as well. There are some great options for affordable, effective and non-harmful handwarmers which do not use harmful chemicals.


While you are outside enjoying your day, move frequently and continue pacing to keep yourself warm. When you feel an incoming cold, take a brisk walk to warm yourself up and keep the cold away. However, try not to do any vigorous exercise that will lead to sweating. Sweating will lead to trapped heat within your clothes and can make you uncomfortable!


It should come as no surprise that dehydration becomes more likely when you are outside in dry and cold conditions. Bring some water with you to keep your body hydrated. Extra tip: sprinkle some sugar into your water for a quick burst of energy. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy a nice day outside whatever the weather is like.


Make sure you eat sufficiently so that your body continues to stay nice and warmed up. After all, food is what fuels your body, and your body is what keeps you warm. Some good food options include food that are high in fat such as avocadoes. For a quick snack, bring bananas, chocolate and nuts. This way, you can enjoy a fun day and stay warm by staying full.

These are some of the helpful tips we have for you to stay warm throughout the day. They are all equally important tips that will help you enjoy a great day outside in cold weather.

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Easy Ways to Stay Warm

Why is it important to stay warm? Well, the answers to this question are quite obvious. Staying warm helps you to stay healthy and comfortable. For instance, have you ever forgotten to bring a jacket for that cold weather? Maybe later on during the day, you’d end up sneezing and know that the dreaded cold was coming. To help you prevent such mishaps and help you stay comfortable during the colder climates, especially winter, we will give you three easy to use and effective tips to stay warm.


Your choice of clothing and accessories can help you stay warm easily when you are enjoying your time outside of the house.


There’s an old wives tale that heat escapes from your ears. Whether that’s true or not, science does show us that there is a process called convection where heat from a warm object escapes when it comes into contact with a non-warm object. That’s why in cold weather, it is important to be appropriately dressed to make sure all that heat inside of you remains. One of the most vulnerable parts of your body is your head! Make sure you protect it by wearing a warm fuzzy hat!


Ideally, you should have three layers of clothing to stay warm: an inner layer, a middle layer and an outer layer. In a future post, we will tell you more about what materials you should wear for each layer. For now, just know that in very cold climates, 3 layers are the way to go.

Other accessories:

Other accessories for you to wear include hand-warmers and scarves. These help protect vulnerable parts of your body from the cold so you can enjoy your day to the utmost!


Turn On Your Ceiling Fan

Have you ever heard the saying, “heat rises?” Well, studies show that this saying is true! Push precious warm air back down into your room by turning on your ceiling fan at its lowest setting so you can stay nice and warm.

Dress Up Your Windows

When the cold winter comes, exchange your thin curtains for thicker ones. Heavier curtains made of wool or fleece make all the difference in heating up your home during winter.

Layer Your Sheets

Keep your fluffy thicker sheets as the bottom layer with the thinner ones on top to lock in all that precious heat. You’ll have a fantastic time napping and stay warm and toasty all through those tough winter nights!

These are some of the tips that you can use to stay warm during those cold winter months. In the future, we’ll be introducing more posts about staying warm in the colder weather that can help you.

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6 Methods of Remaining Warm in Cold Climate While Hunting

Have you at one time ever gone hunting in extremely cold weather? What I mean by ‘extremely cold’ is 200F or lower, not considering the wind chill. A lot of methods of combating the cold are available which are affordable but efficient.

Below are a number I have utilized, to battle lowering temperatures and hunt the whole day with ease.

  1. Learn to Adore Cardboard

Positioning a section of cardboard underneath your feet is going to shut out the cold, avoiding it from penetrating through the sole of your boot. Experience has taught me that apparently, even boots thought to be great can take in 600F, which is going to allow in cold air.

You can cut lengths of cardboard also and place them inside cracks and openings of a box. This is to prevent frozen air from coming in contact with you.

  1. Carry Boot Blankets

There are some hunters who are simply susceptitble to cold feet, despite their boots‘ insulation element. I am among those people and I believe an affordable pair of boot blankets is effective as a subtitute insulation, during hunts of ultimate cold.

I wear them over my boots for hunting, put the heat packs in the center of the boots as well as blankets, obtaining warm tootsie throught the day.

  1. Obtain Heat Packs

In regard to heat packs, purchase numerous heat packs of mega-size, which are disposable, formulated for huge body sections. Position two around your middle to maintain warmth in your center and avoid your body losing heat.

  1. Get More Hats

Can you recall the way your mom would inform you that 80% of loss of heat occurs through the head? This valuable piece of motherly advice was meant to persuade you to dress in a hat during winter; currently, we are aware this is not the truth. However, this does not signify that we should not wear hats in cold climate while hunting.

As I sit for hours, passing time as I wait for the appearance of a behemoth buck, I dress in two winter hats; one is created from fleece and the second one from wool. They are both effective in maintaining warmth on my noggin.

  1. Consume The Approriate Food

You should aim to keep your blood sugar from rising, which triggers cold in you. Therefore, invest in a lot of complex carbohydrates with food such as seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Eat beans which contain a lot of proteins and unprocessed meats. Keep away from products such as bread, candy and crackers or anything which is rich in trans fats or saturated.

  1. Drink Water which is hot

Drinking hot water the whole day is going to assist you to prevent dehydration (this make you become cold) and is going to hel you keep warm, from the interior outwards.

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