Rechargeable Hand Warmers: Your Best Friends for Winters

Have you ever heard of rechargeable hand warmers?

Rechargeable hand warmers are beautiful packets that are held in the hands to produce heat when needed. When your hands are really cold and you can’t stop shivering, such beauties ensure to give you enough warmth to get the senses back to your numb hands. Such packets are used in outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, etc. Even when you are taking a walk outside your house, such packets can come handy. You can carry them wherever you want to and since they can be recharged over and over again, you don’t have to dispose them off and buy new ones.

Here are some of the best reasons for you to buy and use rechargeable hand warmers:

  • Because they can be recharged, which means you don’t have to throw them after using them just once: There are ordinary hand warmers, but they can’t be recharged and hence, you can’t use them more than once. If you want to reuse your hand warmers, you have got to buy rechargeable hand warmers.
  • Because they are not very expensive: The good news is that you don’t need to have a lot of money in your bank account to buy rechargeable hand warmers; they are quite affordable and hence you can buy them whenever you want to.
  • Because you can’t beat the winter cold without them: If you want to kick off the winter cold, you need rechargeable hand warmers. The moment you start shivering, you can hold the warmers in your hands and get back the lost warmth.
  • Because you need to keep your hands warm: I am sure by now you know how important it is for you to keep your hands warm during winters. The moment you hold something warm in your hands, you stop shivering and feel good. This is exactly what rechargeable hand warmers do for you.
  • Because they are said to be the best hand warmers: Rechargeable hand warmers are the best things you can ever have in your life because no matter how many times you use them, you can keep them working for you.
  • Because they are currently being used by almost everyone in places where winters are harsh and cold: Winters can be harsh and in fact, very harsh at times. If you live in a location where winter cold is unbearable, you can’t survive without rechargeable hand warmers. Look around, aren’t your friends and neighbors using such warmers to stay warm during winters?
  • Because then you can go wherever you want to: Even if you want to build a snowman with your girlfriend or partner, hand warmers can do wonders to your body temperature. Hold them against your hands and get enough warmth before you collect the snow to build a snowman.
  • Because your partner will never leave your warm hands: If you want your partner to hold your hands for a long period of time, use rechargeable hand warmers and let him get addicted to you.

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Different Types of Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are packets which are small and mainly non-reusable. They are placed in the hand, creating heat when needed, to make cold hands warm.

They are mainly utilized in activities held outside like skiing and hiking, to maintain warmth in extreme weather and help padded clothing. Other kinds of warmers are accessible to offer heat which calms pains in muscles and joints.

The kind of heat and origin determines the length of time hand warmers can endure; this is re-crystallization from 30 minutes and platinum catalyst of 24 hours.

Kinds of Hand Warmers

Air Activated (Iron)

Hand warmers that are activated by air, consist of iron, cellulose, water and activated carbon (shares heat equally), water reservoir or vermiculite and salt or catalyst. It emits heat from iron’s exothermic oxidation when subjected to air.

They normally produce heat between 1 to 10 hours, even though the heat produced goes away fast after 1 to 2 hours.

Supersaturated Solution (Crystallization kind)

Crystallization kind of hand warmers produce heat via supersaturated solutions’ exothermic crystallization (normally sodium acetate) and are normally reusable.

These can be charged again by plunging the hand-warmer in extremely hot water until the components are evenly smooth; then let it cool. The emission of heat is activated by squeezing a tiny metal disk in the pad which produces nucleation centers that trigger crystallization.

Heat is needed to melt the salt in its own crystallization water. This heat is emitted after the emission of this heat, when crystallization is started. Normally, this kind has a heat interval which is shorter, of 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Lighter Fuel

Lighter fuel hand-warmers utilize petroleum naptha or lighter fluid which responds with a platinum catalyst to emit heat through oxidation responses. It is possible to use these again just by refueling. Regular models can emit heat for 12 to 24 hours; this is determined by settings.

These were created by Japan’s Hakkin Warmers Co. Ltd. Selling began in 1923. Branded ‘Peacock’, they sold abroad to the United States, from the 1950s. They are sold based on OEM by Zippo.


Hand warmers which are activated by battery utilize heating tools that are immune to electricity to change the battery’s electrical energy to thermal energy by utilizing batteries that can be charged again or thrown away.

Normally, they are able to endure up to 6 hours, with 40-48C. The Hand warmers that are Rechargeable Electronic are able to be charged from a 5V USB supply of power from mains power supply. Recharge cycles of 500 are portrayed.


Charcoal hand-warmers produce heat via charcoal burning in a special case. These can go up to 6 hours and become hot in a comfortable manner. Normally, their cases consist of felt on the exterior and have fabrics inside which are burn-resistant. However, they distribute heat equally, like metal. For activation, one end of the stick of charcoal or two are lit and then smothered out fast to form hot ember.

After this, the flaming stick is kept inside the case which is shut firmly. The charcoal sticks are present from majority of outdoor activity stores and are relatively affordable.

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How to Stay Stylishly Warm During Winters?

Just because the weather is cold and freezing outside doesn’t mean you can’t look good; it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, if you have a thing for fashion, you deserve to look good all the time. Every individual has his own sense of fashion, but during winters, people feel frustrated because they have to load themselves with a lot of clothes and hence, they can’t focus on looking good.

However, this is untrue. If you adopt a few tips, you can always flaunt your own style. Here are a few tips that can surely help to keep you stylishly warm during winters:

  • Go street shopping; you are sure to find some of the best woolen caps for your head: No matter how many woolen caps you want, you can always create a collection by walking down the street where all those shops sell good stuff to customers.
  • Don’t forget the shawls and scarves; they are sexy for both the genders: Most of the men think they don’t look good in shawls, but they surely do. Search for shawls for men and you can create your own style.
  • You can always wear skirts, but only if you wear proper warm stockings under them: Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you need to keep all those wonderful skirts away; buy matching stockings to keep yourself warm when you wear skirts.
  • Make sure you match the gloves with the jacket you wear: Your gloves should always match your jacket because that’s how you look good during the chilliest winter night.
  • Don’t forget to buy some amazing overcoats to look amazing when you walk down the lane: If you want to look good, buy awesome overcoats. Since everything else is covered when you walk in the crowd, your overcoat can impress all those walking around you.
  • There are handmade scarves as well: There are handmade scarves that can be purchased from e-stores. Find a genuine e-store and buy a nice handmade scarf to wear it when you walk on the roads.
  • Do pay attention to the shoes that you wear: Don’t think people don’t pay attention to your feet; they surely look at your shoes as well.
  • Prefer darker shades, especially if you are going out in the daytime: Darker shades like maroon, bottle green, black and navy blue make you look great during winter days. Prefer lighter shades at nights.
  • Always pay attention to the socks that you wear: Keep an eye on the socks that you wear; if you have a lot of people looking at your sense of fashion, they surely notice the socks that you wear to keep yourself warm.
  • Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you need to forget your style: What if your friends hop into your house to surprise you? Maintain your sense of style even when you are at home. Wear cozy, yet stylish clothes even when you are chilling in your bedroom.

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10 Things you SHOULD NOT DO During Winters

The best thing about winters is the festival of Christmas; while the children await the sleigh of Santa, the adults are busy buying gifts for their loved ones. The worst thing about winters is the freakishly cold weather. When you are at home and in the coziness of your room, you don’t feel like getting out. On the other hand, when you are out, you can’t stop shivering and that’s what makes you feel colder.

You may have read a lot of things about the things that you should do to keep yourself warm during winters, but here I am sharing a few things that you should not do during winters:

  • Wear clothes that are inappropriate for the weather: I have personally seen a lot of ladies wearing sleeveless tops during winters; do you really want to look like a frozen ice cream walking down the street? If you want to keep yourself warm, dress appropriately. There are a lot of fashionable clothes that you can wear during this season.
  • Leave the house without your woolen cap: Woolen caps are made to protect your head. Never leave your house without wearing one because it helps in keeping you warm.
  • Leave the house without proper gloves and other winter accessories: Most of the people wear everything, except for winter accessories like gloves, caps, ear muffs and scarves. Don’t forget to wear your earmuffs, gloves and other such things to protect yourself from the harsh slaps of the winter winds.
  • Keep shivering without trying to control it: If you think shivering is a way to release the coldness that you feel, you are absolutely wrong. Find ways to control the shaking of your body or end up feeling colder!
  • Drink iced tea or other such cold things: Don’t get influenced by your crazy friends who drink iced teas and other such cold things during winters; prefer hot beverages, especially if you don’t want to be in bed with a sore throat.
  • Close the curtains even when it is sunny outside: Let the sunlight spread and shine in every corner of your house. Don’t block the sunshine from coming in by closing the curtains.
  • Running in the snow only to trip and fall: Even if you are playing with your kids or your partner, make sure you don’t fall on the ice or you may get bruised. Winter pains are bad.
  • Avoiding sunscreen lotions when you really need them the most: Always apply a thick layer of sunscreen when you leave your house to breathe the sunshine into your pores.
  • Not applying moisturizing creams before you go off to bed: Moisturizing creams keep you warm and moisturized.
  • Washing your hair with cold water: It is okay to not wash your hair for three to four days during this season, but totally not okay if you wash it with cold water.

I hope you finally know about the things that you should not do during the chilly winter nights; no matter how much you hate this season, I am sure there are a lot of things about winters that make you feel good.

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10 Things to do to Warm your House for Winters

So you are tired of the winter nights and want to do everything that you can to warm up your house; we hear you – we have been tired of this season too! While there are a lot of things that you can do to protect yourself from cold when you are outside the house, the biggest challenge is that you can’t dress up with all those overcoats and jackets when you are at home because when you are in your house, you want to focus on your comfort as well.

Winter house

‘How can I keep my house warm during winters?’ You ask. Well, here are a few ideas that can surely help:

  • Turn yourself into a baker: Baking is fun, right? Even if it is not for you, you have to turn into a baker during winters. Bake all the things that you can and leave the oven door open when you are done with the process of baking. This lets you enjoy a cozy kitchen.
  • Make sure the curtains that you use are thick: You have to find thick curtains for your house or else the cold winter winds will keep haunting you.
  • Keep the windows closed when there’s no sunlight: Let the windows be closed during evenings or when there’s no sunlight outside. Let the warmth be sealed within the walls of your house.
  • Let the fireplace provide you with all the warmth that you and your house deserves: If you have a fireplace at home, don’t keep it only for Santa! Use it to warm your house and get a cozier environment at home.
  • Let the sunlight reach every corner of your room during daytime: Check the climate outside your house – is the sun shining? If it is, you can open the curtains and windows and let the sunlight enter into your house.
  • Keep the door open when you take a shower: Why should you keep the door open while taking a shower? Because the steam deserves to warm up your living room for you. Hot water shower releases steam and that’s what keeps your room warmer.
  • Cover the floor with mats and carpets: If the floor doesn’t have warm carpets and mats, it is not possible for you to feel the warmth that you want. Keep the floor occupied with carpets and mats.
  • Place hot water bottles at the foot of your bed: Hot water bottles can keep your bed warm for a longer duration.
  • Use a draft stopper to stop the air from the bottom of the door: Draftstopper ensures to stop the air from entering into your house from the main door.
  • If you have unused rooms, keep them tightly closed: If you keep all the doors closed, it is possible for you to keep the warmth locked in the room you sit.

No matter how much you hate this season, we are sure you can find your own unique ways to stay warm. Enjoy the beauty of nature instead of cribbing over it.

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6 Ways to Beat the Cold with Coffee

All set to beat the winters?

I am sure you are.

But no matter how prepared you are, it is not that easy. Sometimes, you do everything to stop shivering and get a little bit of warmth, but you are unable to do that. The craziest thing is that the more you shiver, the colder you feel.

There’s one thing that a lot of people do to get some warmth during chilliest winter days and nights – drink coffee.

Wondering how to beat the crazy winters with coffee? Read below to get a few cool ideas:

  • Hold the cup of hot coffee in your hands and let the warmth get inside your palms: If you have been shivering since morning and have absolutely no idea about what to do, I have an amazing idea – make a nice cup of coffee and hold the warm cup between your palms. This is surely an awesome way to warm your hands. When you sip coffee, you feel the warmth piercing your throat and entering into all the chakras of your body, warming every chakra bit by bit!
  • If you think the sugar in the beverage can make you put on winter weight, the best thing to do is add a spoon of honey in your cup of coffee: I know most of the people are worried about the amount of sugar they add to their coffee; why do you want to sweeten your coffee when you have honey? You can add a spoon of honey to your coffee. The best thing about honey is that it can keep you warmer for a longer duration.
  • You can always drink black coffee; it has its own magical powers: Black coffee is a boon to all those who wish to lose weight without putting a lot of efforts on their body. The coolest thing about black coffee is that it can keep you warm.
  • Eating makes it easier for you to keep yourself warm; eat warm things with your coffee to feel warmer during this season: If you don’t like drinking coffee over and over again, it is time for you to add all those things that you can make and eat. It is said that eating the right kind of food can keep you warm. How about eating healthy sandwiches with a warm cup of coffee?
  • If you want to lose weight during winters by keeping yourself warmer, add a teaspoon of lemon juice in your black coffee, along with one spoon of honey: Add a few drops of lemon juice in your black coffee and stir it with one spoon of honey; this is the best winter drink that you can drink and offer to others as well.
  • Don’t forget the cream; it has its own ways to keep you warm: I know only a handful of people like creamy coffee and if you do, you can always enjoy the layer of thick and hot cream on your coffee.

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5 Things you MUST WEAR to Keep Yourself Warm

Do you remember the times when your mother took care of you during winters?

I am sure you miss that time, even though you felt like a stuffed goat when she loaded you with hundreds of winter clothes.

But now that she is not close to you anymore, it is time for you to be self-dependent and take care of yourself. With the help of warm clothes, you can avoid catching a cold, shivering and falling ill during winter.

Winter wear

If you hate cold, you have landed on the right page. I don’t say that I dislike winters, but when I am freezing, I surely curse the weather. In order to avoid the harshness of the season, it is necessary for you to stay as warm as possible. However, just because it is snowing outside doesn’t mean you can’t leave your door. There are times when you have to get out of the comfort environment and atmosphere of your house and go out. This is the time when you need to wrap yourself in such a way that you are warm.

So what are the top five things that you need to wear in order to stay away from being frozen?

1. Gloves.

How can you possibly live without wearing gloves on your hands? There are a lot of glove manufacturing companies; all you need to do is find one that manufactures high quality warm gloves for customers. The best thing is that you can buy woolen hand-knitted gloves as well. Go ahead – flaunt a unique style on the roads by wearing beautiful hand gloves!

2. Winter caps.

You don’t have to wear monkey caps, which are quite embarrassing, but you can always wear head caps that look gorgeous and keep you warm. Even if you are playing basketball outside your house, make sure you cover your head with such a cap so that you are protected from the wind of the season. Remember what mommy always said about head caps?

3. Thermal soles.

It is rightly said that you have to focus on keeping your feet warm. I think I keep mentioning this in all the posts. If you want to keep yourself warm, you have to find ways to keep your feet warm. No matter how cold your nose is, your warm feet can keep you healthy. There are thermal soles available for those who keep shivering during winters.

4. An overcoat.

No matter how angry you are at someone in the house, DO NOT leave your door without your overcoat. You must know that your overcoat protects you from all the harshness you hate about winters. Protect yourself by wearing an overcoat and let the warmth spread.

5. Woolen scarf.

Ever seen hand knitted woolen scarves?

I love those. If you have a friend who makes such scarves, you can always request her to make one for you. If you know someone who sells such beauties, please know that they are worth investing money in. Plus, they keep you cozy and comfortable!

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Winter Haters: How to Control Shivering in Winter?

Have you been shivering a lot, lately?

Everything seems under control when you are at home, but the moment you leave the door of your house, the snow and the harsh winter wind make you shiver. You stand there, without knowing what to do. You walk ahead because you have really got to leave your house for some urgent work, but then the shivering makes it impossible for you to walk and feel good about being outside.

No doubt winter is harsh, but it is also one of the most serene seasons that we go through. Personally, I love winters, despite the rude snow and all the shivering that freak me out, I still love this season. I mean, can you possibly imagine Christmas without a snowman standing in front of your house?

Talking of shivering, there are a lot of ways in which you can stop it. But before I tell you, there’s something that you should know – when you shiver, you feel colder. Thus, most of the people would always tell you to stop shivering and to our surprise, you can actually control it. Read below to know about some of the easiest way to stop shivering:

  • By stop thinking about it: The first and the most important thing that you need to do is stop thinking about shivering. People shiver because at the back of their minds, they know that they are cold and when they are cold, they shake. Stop thinking about it and I am sure you would control your shivering in a few minutes.
  • By wearing clothes that have the capacity to keep you warm and cozy: From thermal wears to battery powered vests, there are hundreds of different things that can keep you warm and cozy. Find clothes that promise to keep you relaxed and you can beat the shiver on any winter night.
  • By breathing in a relaxed manner: Have you ever tried breathing exercises? There are specific breathing exercises that can calm your body and warm you up. Read and learn such exercises and breathe whenever you shiver during winter.
  • By drinking something hot: No matter what you want to drink, go ahead and drink it. You can always drink hot chocolate as well. The feeling of the warm cup touching your palms makes you feel warm enough to stop shivering.
  • By wearing socks and keeping your feet warm: If your feet are cold, you are bound to shiver. Wear warm socks to keep your feet warm. Simple!
  • By keeping your hands warm:  It is time for you to buy nice gloves to keep your hands warm.
  • By carrying a hot water bottle with you: Carry a hot water bottle with you, if you are going nearby and are shivering way too much.
  • By wearing a woolen cap on your head: Woolen caps are made to beat the winters for you. Try a few on your head.
  • By hugging someone you love: How about getting cozy with someone you’ve always liked? Confess your love and hug that person to invite some warmth in your shivering body.

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How to Stay Warm Inside your House?

The trickiest thing about winters is that it doesn’t leave any warmth in your house, no matter how hard you try. Of course, you turn up the heater and try balancing the temperature, but if you don’t have a heater, it becomes very difficult for you to survive. However, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t surviving without heaters. Unless you live in a country where winters are excruciatingly cold, you can always keep yourself warm, despite being inside the house with absolutely no heaters at all.

Wondering how the warmth can flow in your house and to every corner of every room? Read below to know how you can work on keeping your house warm enough for you and your entire family:

  • Welcome the beautiful sunlight during daytime: If you don’t let the sunlight enter into your house in the morning, you can’t expect your house to get the warmth that you are looking for.
  • Switch on the ceiling fans: Yes – when you switch the ceiling fans ON, Science says that the room gets warmer. However, ensure it is at the lowest speed.
  • Make sure the curtains are closed at night: No matter how beautiful the outside scenery is, you need to keep the curtains closed. Only then you can bring warmth into your room.
  • Let the windows be closed most of the times: Even if your curtains are open, don’t forget to keep the windows closed.
  • Take steam when you are at home: If you like being at home, but dislike the freezing weather, the best thing to do is take steam. This would improve your skin as well.
  • Invite your friends over; more people in the house, more warmth: You can always invite your friends to grab a glass of wine and catch up gossip with them. It would divert your mind from the weather.
  • If you have a fireplace, bring it to some use; it’s not for decoration after all: Fireplaces are gorgeous, but they need to be used as well!
  • Cook, cook and just cook: Cooking warms up the temperature of your house; if you don’t trust me, you can read other bloggers as well. Cook something nice and warm the temperature!
  • Get into a cozy sheet and watch a nice movie: If you want to relax without spending a lot of time doing different things to warm yourself, the best thing to do is slip into a warm sheet, sip coffee or hot chocolate and watch your favorite movie. This would make you feel amazing!
  • Breathe, meditate and do some Yoga: Yoga is one of the best ways to feel warmer. There are a few Asanas that you can do to charge yourself and feel warm.
  • Sip your favorite chicken soup: What can be better than sipping your favorite chicken soup? It makes you feel really good.
  • Dance or hop to keep yourself warm: Dance and exercise to let the heat pump in your body.

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10 Tips to Keep yourself Warm at Work

While summers make you run to your work, winters make you lazy and cold. The moment you leave the warmth of your house, you are shivering till you reach your car. After reaching the parking lot of your office, you are again cold and trembling until you reach your office. The worst is that you feel terribly cold at work as well, even though there are enough measures for you to feel warm.

What do you do in such situations? How do you work to beat the winter? Here are a few tips that can work for you to stay warm at work:

  1. Climb the stairs (at least three floors): Even if your office is on the twentieth floor, you can climb three floors and then enter into the elevator. When you climb stairs, your body exercises and when you exercise, your body is warmer.
  2. Walk often on the floor: Instead of sitting in your chair all the time, the best thing to do is walk for five minutes after 20 to 25 minutes of working on your desk. This way, you would avoid gaining winter weight as well.
  3. Invest in desk heaters: There are different kinds of desk heaters available in the market; buy at least one to get some warmth at work.
  4. Keep drinking coffee (it keeps you warmer for a long period of time): I think almost everybody loves coffee; if you want to keep yourself warm for a longer time, it is good to sip coffee whenever you are terribly cold.
  5. Carry a large thermos of green tea: If you are addicted to green tea like I am, you can always fill a thermos with your favorite green tea and carry it to work. Green tea keeps you warm.
  6. Dress warm: It is necessary for you to dress as warm as possible. Make sure you wear thermal innerwear, gloves, a warm sweater and a coat to feel warmth surrounding you. Don’t leave your house with proper warm clothes or else you’ll shiver on your desk.
  7. Carry your foot warmers: Have you heard of foot warmers, yet? If you haven’t, go online and read about them. Buy at least one for yourself so that you can keep your feet warm and cozy at work. When your feet are warm, you feel warm enough to work with full spirit.
  8. Wear warm shoes: If you can’t buy foot warmers, invest in warm shoes. Warm feet, happy feet; happy feet, happy body!
  9. Buy battery powered heated vests: There are vests that can be heated with the help of batteries. Buy one to be active at work.
  10. Don’t forget your winter caps: Woolen winter caps may not interest you, but that’s not why you wear them; you wear one for warmth so do it when you are at work!

The best thing about winters is that you can always wear amazing woolen clothes to work. Winter clothes are fashionable and can help you set a trend at work.

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